Baton, in-house CRM tool

Custom-made in-house system for customer relationship management.
The tool enables better documentation of crucial information and allows
fluid communication between the company's departments.

While creating this tool I was required to gain a deep understanding of
the work process of the sales and integration teams.
Working closely with the product team facilitated the designing of a product
that is accessible and usable for different users inside the company.

My Role: Main designer, in charge of the UX/UI and design
- 2017 -

Creating a new segment User flow

Many details here are very important but being able to view the big picture quickly is crucial.
Therefore I had to come up with a design that allowed both a broad view and a detailed view of the process.
Designing the 'Segments' table, I decided to go with an unorthodox design in terms of functionality
and structure. A design that keeps highlights constantly visible as well as enables the
user to view all the details using just one click of the button.

Leaving a comment User flow

Providing an inner comments option reduces the chance of information getting lost.
Smooth collaboration can be the difference between success and failure, in terms of sales.

Handoff process User flow

Since this tool is made for a cross-team effort,
the handoff between the teams has to be as smooth as possible.
Once the handoff is made some content is still editable for some users,
allowing flexibility throughout the process.

I designed a series of elements and icons meant to notify and alert users when they are inserting unusual information,
or if they are about to handoff a project with missing information and so on.
One of the challenges was finding a way to highlight the information without making it look too threatening,
since sometimes the abnormality is not made by mistake but users should still be alerted of its existence.


Wizard Design sketches

The tool header contains a wizard that shows the progress of each stage,
thus providing fast-view information for managers. 
Below are some options I tested for the wizard.