Deco approves purchases your bank won't. You can get your stuff now and pay Deco later.
Choosing Deco from participating retailers allows you to complete your purchase,
even when your credit card was declined. 

My Role: UX/UI
- 2017 -


Landing Page

Our design team was part of the development of this project right from the start,
when it was still Below you can view my suggestions to the product landing page.
I wanted to create a modern and clean look & feel but with a spark.
I wanted the user to feel that the service Deco is offering is magical and can be a fun surprise,
but I also wanted to maintain a trust-worthy look since the user must enter payment details in order to use the service.



Deco Web Application

3 designers on our team worked on this project, each one offered a different user-flow mockup for the web app.
The CEO chose the option I suggested and we went forward with it, creating detailed screens.
One of the main issues here was to find the best location for the 'add payment method' button.
On one hand, the customer must add a payment method in order to continue,
on the other hand, we didn't want it to look like a "hard-sell".
As well as, after the customer added one payment method he may not need it anymore.



Micro Deposit Flow

The ACH transfer payment method contains many stages.
My challenge was creating a welcoming and unthreatening flow
while keeping the applications' structure and guides.